Some examples of living room furniture

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A real innovation refreshes the concept of bookcases. The panels of which it consists, with less weight, allow the bookcase to be hanging giving a very new sense of “visible lightness”.

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Sometimes to be the centre of attention you need to put yourself on show. Sometimes the same effect can be achieved by hiding. The central compartment in boiserie solutions is usually where the TV is positioned and conserved like a precious jewel, illuminated by a concealed LED light source. However, it can also be used to house a large video projector


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  It is expressive freedom and structural logic, strict lines and colour games.


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 is made to satisfy every single furnishing need, thanks to some feature that are unique in the market:
Extreme flexibility of its modules, which translate into Endless modular solutions
The flexibility of Set System allows architects and interior designers to create a tailor-made furnishing featuring:Open spaces
Closed compartments ( by means of drawers, hinges doors, flip doors and sliding doors)
Meanders and insertions with jetty shelves
Set System is therefore ideal to furnish:
The day area (wall systems and bookcases on the floor against a wall or hanged on a wall,free standing double sided wall system and bookcases placed as a space divider, tailor-made Set System sideboards)
Pristine tailor-made night area (tailor-made vanity table, wall system used as bedside table or container)
Home office



 is the ideal furnishings for the living area, Its features are an innovative design and a flexibility, which allows custom-made solutions for an original dining and living area. It is based on a number of independent components that can be freely combined in an original way according to our own taste and needs.



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 minimal, essential, joins the horizontal concept and at the same time shows its verticality.

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Modular system of cabinets with glass doors, open cabinets or drawer cabinets.


The wall compositions, while remaining faithful to their graphic line of continuity between the elements, offer variations that can be defined unstructured in their stylistic unity. The doors without a handle covers more compartments, the thickness of the containers by alternating the sign of thin to the strong sign, the woods and lacquers underline the valuable surfaces where the colour of the wood veneer plays an essential role in interior design.