About Us

is a company operating in the furniture sector. We trade with appreciated national and international firms, creating valuable custom-made furniture. In our show room you will find finished environments and locations, professionally furnished in every detail to inspire you to decorate your house.


But consultancy service, interior design and renovation have always been our strong points. We follow every step of the project, carefully and professionally, keeping the extremely satisfactory quality-price index as a goal firmly in view.

A complete servicefor your home

In the house sector we are able to give our customers comprehensive and effective services; we have been working for years with the most trusted collaborators (electricians, builders, parquet-builders, house-painters, plaster and stucco layersc), who can completely meet every need.

Office designand furnishing

In the office buildings, besides studying the furniture’s lay out, we offer services of illumination design and counselling for the companyfs image.